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How to Avoid Plagiarism? Improve your Academic Writing Skills

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You should always ensure that you check your content for plagiarism every time you prepare your academic work before you turn it in your class with your teacher/instructor. If you are not checking your work for plagiarism and its types, then you are surely risking your reputation and your academic career.

Now we require a few minutes of your busy work so that you can read today’s content and can learn about the tips and tricks which would surely help you in avoiding plagiarism and improving your academic writing skills.

Different Ways To Avoid Plagiarism

Here are some of the ways that you can focus on avoiding plagiarism and duplication in your content:

Use Plagiarism Checker Tools

The best way to avoid plagiarism and the accusation of it is to use the plagiarism checker tools available online. We want you guys to know that after following all the above-mentioned tips, there is always a chance that your work can be accused of accidental or mosaic plagiarism, and it is important that you use the plagiarism checker tools to check your work before submissions.

There are many plagiarism checker tools like the one by Dupli Checker, which can help you in not only checking plagiarism but also in removing plagiarized content and grammar mistakes from your article. If you want to use the plagiarism checker by Dupli Checker then you can always use this link to access it

Paraphrase Content

When writing academic content, there is always a possibility that you would be working on the facts and findings published by another reputed author. Students usually make a huge mistake while working on such kinds of assignments and papers, and that is they copy the content as it is published.

You must know that working and finding conclusions on an already published work means that you have to be careful with it, and that means you have to paraphrase the content properly. Paraphrasing does not mean that you will be naming the findings as your own rather, you would just be explaining the facts in your own words and sentences.


Citing is one of the most important ways in which you can simply avoid plagiarism and duplication of every kind. To learn proper citing, you have to visit the different writing and formatting guidelines or refer your instructor to guide you about the style of citing followed by your institution.

The basic citing guidelines are followed from the APA, MLA, Chicago writing styles. Citing is the addition of the entitlement of the author and also the date of publication of the original article/ research.


You must know that paraphrasing must not be confused with quotations and original sayings or comments of the finder or the author. You must know that the quotes of the author related to his research must be written as it is but in quotes so that you are not accused of plagiarism. You also have to cite these quotes at the end of your publication/paper so that there is no accusation of fraud or misquotations!

Citing Your Work

While working on a senior level, you would see some cases where you must work on a project for a long-term basis, and in that project, you have to file different papers and findings.

Now in this scenario, you must ensure that you are citing your previous findings if you are using any form of your previous work. Self-plagiarism is very probable to happen, so make sure that you always cite your work and your paper on which you established the findings firsthand!

Referencing the Content

Adding a reference page is the easiest way to avoid plagiarism, you must make this page after considering the guidelines issued by your institution and in such a way that it remains specific and says it all about your paper and the facts plus figures that you have used from other research and academic papers.

While referencing content, you have to make sure that you are mentioning the exact source of findings. Don’t make the wrong references as it can cost you the same as plagiarism.

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