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Top Free PDF Submission Sites List For SEO in India For 2023

Md Ashraf Malik / / SEO

PDF submission sites are those websites that allow their users to share, save, read, download, and bookmark the PDF files on the web.

If you are looking for the top free PDF submission sites list in India to build high-quality backlinks to your web pages, you are at the right source.

Here you will learn what PDF submission process is and how PDF submission helps to improve your website's search ranking and domain authority in 2023.

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What is a PDF File?

The Portable Document Format document is commonly known as a PDF file. Adobe founded a PDF document format in 1990 to give the documents with rich text, images, hyperlinks, and more.

What is PDF Submission in SEO?

PDF submission is a way to host or post your Portable Document Format files in various PDF submission websites or directories.

PDF submission from the SEO and digital marketing point of view is the part of off-page SEO and the most affordable way to create high authority backlinks.

Is PDF Submission Helpful in SEO?

Yes, PDF submission is helpful in SEO. This process can help you increase your backlinks graph quickly. It's one of the most common ways to create quality backlinks by submitting a Portable Document Format document to PDF directories.

How to Perform PDF Submission Process?

To get better search results from PDF submission, you must include the link of your web pages in the PDF files to get backlinks from the directories where you are going to submit your PDF files.

Mention your link in a PDF file to get backlinks pointing to your web pages and blog posts. If you want to boost organic ranking and domain authority of your website, you must choose high authority PDF submission sites.

What is the Top Free PDF Submission Sites List for 2023?

Now, we are going to list the top free PDF submission sites list in India. Using those sites, you can improve your SEO score, organic search ranking, and domain authority. Here is a list to follow in 2023:



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